An alternative to fixed-rate vehicles.

An outsized market that may over the risk-adjusted income you need.

Why commercial real estate (CRE) debt?

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) debt may offer an alternative source of income and diversification at a time when both are hard to find.

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Need for cash flow

Historically low fixed income yields have reduced income levels on bonds and increased downside risk.

We believe commercial real estate debt may offer cash flow opportunity with historically low volatility* relative to traditional fixed-income.

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Need for transparency

Proliferation of "alternative fixed income" has pushed investors into risky and opaque investment structures.

Commercial real estate debt is transparent, backed by hard assets with reasonable loan-to-value ratios.**

The Need for Diversification

Need for diversification

Excess liquidity around the globe has increased correlation across asset classes limiting the ability to diversify portfolio risk.

Commercial real estate debt has exhibited low correlation to other asset classes over time.

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